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  1. Okk. Soo i seen these guys in London’s Wembley Stadium… and they were AWSOME!! For me it was an emotional, heart touching councert. Different to usual concerts but it was amazing. As i lost one of my friends and they have lost Steo, they way they spoke about him made me reflect on the memories i have of my friend. I do remember myself having a few tears in my eyes. Thankyou to Boyzone for one of the best concerts i have been to. Will defo come and see you again! :)
    P.s: advice for anyone thinking of going to see them, DO IT WITHOUT A DOUBT!

  2. Jackie Marr says:

    Hi Guys

    Really enjoyed the concert in Glasgow and looking forward to seeing you all again at Hopetoun House. Are you planning to release a DVD of the tour – and any chance of making it a double with the footage from the 2009 tour with Stephen?



  3. Message from Israel says:

    My dear boyzone,

  4. Donna Loves Boyzone says:

    Hi Boyzone!! are you doing another tour next year 2012 because i want to see you again in concert please let me know thanks. I Love You Boyzone from yourr Number 1 Fan xoxoxox

  5. por favor vengan a mexico se les extraña ojala sea para este año

    un fuerte abrazo fraternal por su gran amigo stephen

  6. Message from Israel ! says:

    Dear Boyzone, just want to tell you how much my love for you is much words ,
    So much emotions, i dont know where to start
    I writer to you from the beautiful Tel-aviv, Israel

    Love is sweetest emotion
    That you – Ronan, Stephen, Keith, Shane and Mikey
    Springs to my heart and to my life
    I love to see your sweet smile
    You are my first love from high school until today..
    For me you are always be the first love
    My dream childhood
    And you know that no like our first love
    You my dream childhood
    My only dream
    That never come true until today..
    Five boys from Dublin, Ireland that mean everything to me
    You all the colors and beauty of heavens
    You are my every heartbeat and my every breath
    You are my first thought and the last..
    You are always on my mind
    You are my always shining star
    There are so many reasons to love you
    Like the roses are red and the skies are blue
    My heart will always stay faithful for you
    I love you more then words can say
    I could spend hours with your music
    And still long for time to share
    I never be so close to music
    Like yours music
    You are the most beautiful light in my life
    Keep singing..
    You are doing that amazing
    Your music opened my heart and awakened my soul
    Steo missed by so many
    And still cant to believe that he gone too sone
    Evan though Steo is singing up there with angels
    His voice will go on here, on the earth, forever
    You make things better!
    I never see you in reality and
    I wait so many years for a chance to see you,
    Never thought that dreams came true
    But I’m sure that you, boyzone, show me that they do
    I sure you give me the chance of a lifetime
    To see you here
    Because you, boyzone, are the most important thing to me..
    I hope and pray to see you soon at Holy land, Israel, and
    I’m sure you too gonna love the country

    All my love x

  7. Message from Israel says says:

    Wait to see you, boyzone here at Israel on your tour next year 2012 !!♥

    All my love x

  8. Message from Israel says:

    “Cos I can’t eat, can’t sleep
    You’re the only thing I care about
    When you smile, you’re so sweet
    If I could tell you
    The way I feel.. ”

    I love that song so..
    That what i really feel for you boyzone!

    I love you, boyzone, you are my princess..

    All my love x

  9. Message from Israel says:

    Wait to see you , boyzone, on your tour next year 2012 !!♥

    All my love x

  10. Message from Israel says:

    (¨ `v´¨ )
    i `-.¸.-` u boyzone !

    All my love x

  11. Message from Israel says:


    (¨ `v´¨ )
    i `-.¸.-` u !

    All my love x

  12. will you be doing another tour,, i missed this one and i am gutted pleaseee x :D xxx i Love Boyzone <3 xx

  13. hi guys i think ur all amazing come back to liverpool soon hope there be a dvd out of the brother tour !!!!!carnt wait x

  14. charlotte says:

    hello i went to the brothe rtour in march and i am hoping and praying you will be doing another tour next year :-) love you all loads xxxx


    • Yes please, I am ur fans since 1995 and I collect ur album from Said and Done to Brother, and also all Ronan’s album

  16. Message from Israel says:



    All my love x

  17. Message from Israel says:




    All my love x

  18. Message from Israel says:

    For me ‘boyzone’ I’ts not only word,
    For me ‘boyzone’ I’ts all the world

    Please don’t forget Israel next yaer at your tour 2010!

    All my love x

  19. Message from Israel says:

    I know that maybe It’s no so easy
    You, boyzone, have a lot things to do
    And maybe not have a lot time
    But one thing i know..

    That only thing that i want in this life Is to see you here, at Israel
    At your next tour next year 2012 – and no matter what..

    All my love x

  20. Message from Israel says:

    I know that maybe It’s no so easy
    You, boyzone, have a lot things to do
    And maybe not have a lot time
    But one thing i know..

    That only thing that i want in this life It’s to see you here, at Israel
    At your next your tour next year 2012 – and no matter what..

    All my love x

  21. Message from Israel says:

    Ronan, Stephen, Keith, Shane and Mikey -
    I want to thank you for your music and for all the thinks you done
    you always, always be part of my life

    Hope to see you soon..

    All my love x

  22. Message from Israel says:

    Don’t wanna see you crying
    Just wanna see you smile, boyzone..

    All my love x

  23. Boyzone you have given me some wonderful live concert memories over the last few years.Please release the Brother tour on DVD it was such a beautiful tribute to Steo your fans would love to watch it as a lovely memory.The brother songs and show was brilliant too good so we really red a DVD of the concert.I so missed not having the 2009 concert on DVD.It was brilliant live show especially the Queen medley.Boyzone we love you.

  24. Message from Israel says:

    I know that maybe It’s not so easy
    You, boyzone, not have enough time
    And I’m sure that you have a lots things to do
    And thanks god, i see that you have amazing Families
    But one thing i know
    That in this life
    I want you to make my only biggest dream ever come true
    I want to see you soon here, at israel

    All my love x

  25. hiya boyzone i came 2 see u last night at new market race course i really thought that u were ace i hope that u guys will be going on tour next year so i can come 2 see u again it was a very sad show i can see that u all still miss stephen so much i hope that 1 day soon your loss for him wont feel so hard 2 deal with trust me i know how it feels 2 lose some 1 so close 2 u it breaks your heart bot all u can do is 2 try and get on with things the best u can all my love from nancy

  26. Hi, last nights concert at Hopetoun House last night was amazing!
    It rained all night, it’s a beautiful setting when it’s dry!!

  27. love boyzone never the same without steo but get bettereacch step of the way yay ***************

  28. went to hopetoun house concert great show but the weather was terrible stood in the rain for 5 hours got soaked to the skin wii probaly get the cold but great show

  29. Hi Ronan, Keith, Shane and Mikey,
    I went to Liverpool to see you on the BROTHER tour , you were all awsome. It was a very emotional concert. My daughter an I have been to ever tour you have done traveling all over the country and dublin
    The Brother tour was one of the best Steo will be so proud of you all .
    Please due a tour next year 2012 .

    all my love xx

  30. ronan love you n the lads miss steo . just seen you at lytham proms. you was brilliant . thanks for a great night.

    all my love sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x x

  31. Annofcleves says:

    Lytham Prom was bril, please come back next yr.

    Ann xxxx

  32. Really enjoyed the concert you did at the areana in Newcastle throughly enjoyed had a giggle when Mikey forgot where he was. I really hope you are goinhg to release a dvd of the Brother Tour and that you are going to tour again in 2012 will defo b there. Love u all xxxx.

  33. Had the best time ever at Inverness and after being a fan right from the start i was over the moon to get an amazing front row space esp when Ronan took our Scotland flag. We waited 8hrs to to get our spot and it was worth every min. Hurry up and give us the next lot of tour dates we love you BOYZONE XXXXXXXX.

  34. Please bring a DVD out of The Brother tour and the concert in 2009.The concerts you do are brilliant and songs beautiful.

  35. just wondering if anyone knows when boyzone will be touring in the united states? thanks!

  36. loved seeing u all in inverness. great night had by all. yiz were great x

  37. janeth quintia says:

    please have a concert tour again here in Manila,Philippines…we miss you all guys!!!

  38. I just want to thank Michael, Shane, Ronan, Keith and Stephen (miss you so much!) for filling my days… thank you guys! And remember, Italy is still waiting for you!

  39. Ah, obviously.. Happy Birthday Keith!!!

  40. kandice white says:

    hi guys,came to see you at the 02london this year and concert was amazing as usual! iv waited so long for the chance to be in one of your dvds and nows my chance.rumours have it there is a dvd coming out november,this true? any more info for us fans?? Stephen was my favourite guy out of you all and was so heart broken when the news came out. He is still so badly missed so this dvd would be a great way to remember him by. Keep up the good work guys and keep smiling :) xxxx

  41. hi, does anyone know if they are going to bring there brother tour out on dvd? love ya all, xxx

  42. listen to u all first time this year,strange most americans in my neck woods never heard of yall,yeah southern,lol,from alabama,usa,love to listen,hate that stephen is gone,had a beautiful voice,one of the stronger ones of your group,wondering have yall ever been to the states?
    love the music

  43. Reia Laguatan says:

    i will forever love boyzone. I love u guys!

  44. am a big fan of urs here in nigeria,,,,i would like to feel ur music more and more,….on a serious note

  45. to boyzone when are you going to tour again i enjoyed your brother tour i came to seeyou at the manchester evening news arena and it was a very good concert i miss stephen gately a lot he was one of the best lots of love from your biggest fan tiffany bennett

  46. i love you boyzone please come back to manchester lots of love from your biggest fan tiffany bennett

  47. i love you ronan lots of love from your biggest fan tiffany bennettxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. Jody Hall says:

    Hi Ronan, Shane Mikey and Keith,
    Loved seeing you this year in Manchester, Dublin and Lytham, amazing shows but so sad without Stephen. Please tour again in 2012 and release Brother tour dvd.
    Boyzone Forever.
    Love you all, from Jody. xxxxx


  50. Anita Lofts says:

    Does anyone know when boyzone are going to realise brother tour on dvd and if they are touring next year. Ketih is leaving corrie so everyone thinks he is leaving as they are touring next year.

  51. you all guys r really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    boyzone rules

  52. Im iranian N im Give Brother album from my friend for mt birthday gift and it was first time i have listened your musics…
    your album make me crazy…ilovu…I love your genre….

    We Need Your Sounds And Music In ****** IRAN******

  53. HELLEN FROM DOWN UNDER (australia)

    l listend to the brother album WOW amazing just great . The sound is wonderful cant help
    but sing along and tear up every now and then. The ablum is a credit to you all.
    love love love the music. Pease come back and vist. you have lots of fans here
    always xx

  54. Kayleigh Conway says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONAN! Hope you have a fantastic day. Thoughts of Steo for the 17th and with the rest of you . Boyzone are the best. Love you all to bits and hope to see you again soon!!!

    xxx Kayleigh xxx

    ()= )

  55. Donna Robinson says:

    Hi guys,

    I hope that you all have a Great Christmas and A even better New Year and that everything is better for you all in 2013.

    Love to you all from

    Donna Robinson


  56. Penelope Calzado says:

    Hello, Im from Mexico, I heard you will make a 20th Aniversary Tour, are you coming to Mexico?
    Please, please, come to Mexico!!!
    You have a lot of fans here, please come!!!
    Love your songs!!!

  57. saw the boyz for first time 2011 at glasgow and hopetoun. hopetoun when i got thru the gates i ran so fast my shoe came off but i just left it so i could get to the front, it rained all night, i had no brolly, 1 shoe n was only wearin a vest, was ill for a week afterwards but it was worth it. :-)

  58. Hello

    Was wondering will you be touring Australia and New Zealand for your 20th Anniversary tour? xx

  59. tiffany bennett says:

    to boyzone i am looking forward to the 22nd december in manchester

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