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  1. lorraine crichton says:

    love you always stephen, the world is a darker place without you, but you are a star in heaven now. your memory and spirit will live on through andrew and your family, and your boyzone brothers.

  2. Hi guys i was a big fan of stephen miss him terrible but he,ll always be in my heart and i,ll always follow you i love the brother album and ave been to a lot of your shows also saw you in aberdeen 10th march great show hope everythings going ok with you all keep up good work from helena lawrence xx

  3. the world is not as bright with you around to sing lead with ronan you always looked like you new what you were doing and when louie sighed you and i heard your first song it was the best music i have ever heard and that is when i became a huge fan of ronan more then you but you came in close second i wish you were still with us xxx

  4. steo remember for ever!!! i from italy

  5. Stephen had a wonderful colourful happy presence on stage. I was so lucky to see him on 4 live tours.Great smile he gave his best always as he loved singing and dancing.My favourite memory of him was singing single Ladies and bright eyes on Tour at birmingham.He dressed so well.It was such a joy to see him live on stage as he made everyone around him happy .He is so missed but the Boyz did his memory proud on the Brother tour which was so brilliant.Miss him so much so proud of his family and partner must be so hard everyday missing such a lovely man.Stephen you are a shining star now up in heaven.Thanks for so many happy performances.

  6. hi i loved stephen gateley you,ll be sadly missed thinking of you always boyz keep up good work

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    la alegria que nos diste nos permite soportar el dolor de tu partida
    hasta pronto

    con amor
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  8. Janet Thorogood says:

    the world is not the same without you Steve ,all us fans miss you terribly and cant understand why you were taken from us ,will love you nforever darling xxxx

  9. stephen was a great guy and a great brother i miss him dearly i had a small crush on him about seven years ago i kept books and cds and newspaper clippings of the lads and the band stephen you are the cutest and nice guy i would have loved to met u and the band in person but i just couldnt get tickets rest in peace stephen i lost my brother threw spina bifida 3 years ago and i still miss him bye from michelle cahalane

  10. Elizabeh says:

    I’m in the U.S. and found Steo and Boyzone via New Zealand. A friend sent me the cd. I had never heard of Boyzone. The music touched me and settled in the core of my heart and soul. Steo, you are still missed and loved dearly. I’m sure you’re looking down on us and smiling when you see what joy you still bring us. You will always be loved.

    • I can relate to your touching comments, Elizabeth. I never heard of Boyzone either. One day I heard “All That Matters” and thought it was such a beautiful song that I came home and googled the words that I could remember. I didn’t even know the title at the time, I must have watched a dozen songs with Stephen singing before I saw a RIP memorial of him. I was so saddened at his loss even though I had never heard of him before. It was like you said. He touched my heart. So see, even grandmas like myself can relate to Boyzone and enjoy the beautiful songs and videos.
      P.S. I hope I have not emailed you twice. I think the first reply I did went to e-mail heaven but if you got it too, please know that I’m having a little trouble with my laptop.

  11. stephen was one of the greatest singers the music industry ever witnessed. The day steven died music
    died. we will always keep you in our hearts stephen. love you.

  12. gob bless you stephen u were my idol i love u and miss u everyday please watch over the rest of the lads look after them and guide them love u and the boys sweet dreams steo xxxxxxx

  13. miss u xx

  14. steo ure in my heart everyday you ll forever have a place in my heart whenever im down i look up to the sky so u can lift me up miss u every day babe rip angel

  15. Miss you so much steo i loved you from the age of 2 my late nan was a masdive steo/boyzone fan thats how i got to know boyzone nan played your songs always. When you reunited as boyzone i was so so happy as i was now old enough to come and see you on tour my aunt arranged a meet and greet for me i wad gobsmaked i had meet ronan on solo tours but after all these years i wad meeting steo i knew my nan wad looking down on me with pride and a little envy lol..but sadly the time run out in mert n greet just before you got to us although i meet all the other band if brothers i didnt get to meet you never the less i was honored to at least be in the same room as u. You truely are a legend
    my favorite memory of the lasts tours with you wss you singing single ladies it was brilliant please boyx if you have this footage pls pls pls add this to your next tour dvd x

  16. Thinking of you steo! Thanks for everything you gave!

  17. miss you every day..

  18. Miss you Steo. You would be so proud of the lads. Thay are doing you proud. xxx

  19. I was thinking about you today today Stephen. Please look afetr the boys tonight and for the rest of their summer shows. I know they miss you everyday and do us the fans . There is not a day tnhat goes by that I don’t think of youStephen. I am so proud of Ronan, Shane,Keith and Mikey and so proud to be a Boyzone fan

    Love you always Stephen . xxxx

  20. Michala Dunbar says:

    I went to boyzone play at plymouth pavilions back in 1997 and you was good singers especially stephen gately i had a signed t;shirt from all the boyz

  21. i miss you stephen gately you were one of the best you will be missed rip love from your biggiest fan tiffany bennett

  22. miss you steo. i am a big boyzone fan. just been to see boyzone at lytham proms. they are brilliant but not the same without you.

    rest in peace xxxx
    love sue

  23. i live in the us and have only recently started listening to boyzone. all of the guys are amazingly talented. i love all of their music and listen to it daily. i am truly sorry for the loss of such a talented and handsome young man. this was indeed a tragedy for everyone that knew and loved him, and i can only imagine what all of his family, friends, and fans have gone through with this a tremendous loss. i am new to their music and my heart aches each time i hear him sing. the outpouring of love and respect that has been shown by his fans and fellow band mates tells me that i missed out and would have loved to have followed the success of such an amazing person from the beginning. but each time i hear boyzone i will think of the person that is no longer there except in heart and spirit , RIP Stephen Gately.

  24. october 10th is a day i’ll always remeber and birthday i’ll never 4get. steve was and still is favourite member. i’ve been a fan of boyzone since i was young and went to a boyzone concert every year. i went to the brother tour at the lg in birmingham it was strange at 1st not seeing steve on the stage with the rest of the guys. the concert/tour was a fitting tirbute to steve, think he was looking down singing and dancing along enjoying it just has much has his brothers. steve will alway live on not only with his family and friends but with boyzone fans worldwide. steve star shines brighter now then ever b4. MISS U ALWAYS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Stephen your art and voice is touched my spirit you always in my heart
    thank u

  26. Miss you steo…..Your always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Will always be remembered… Such a talented and gifted singer… Steve, you were the best singer in Boyzone and thank you so much for being the biggest part of my teenage years! God bless ~

  28. Stephen you always made me happy when you smiled when I was feeling so low your smile picked me up out of that great deep hole that I could not get out of your smile was like wings that helped me fly out that nasty big hole the wings you’ve got now are like a beautiful butterfly that no one or thing can ever in this life break even the devil can’t set fire to them your hands are so gentle they realax me when I’m stressed it’s like a banana in the bowl it don’t matter what’s on the outside it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most and all the love you gave was inside of you waiting to find the key to my life with you and for you to say love me for a reason let the reason be love

  29. I’m from Brazil and I’m a fan of Stephen Gately.
    It’s been almost two years since he died and I still can not believe.
    I love and will always love Stephen.

    Stephen will never forget you because you will be forever in my heart.
    Stephen gately i love you eternally.

  30. Ele&Laura says:

    17th March 1976 God decided to make the Earth a gift and He gave us your smile and your voice. Then He saw how beautiful your smile was, how wonderful your voice was and how sweet your soul was and He wanted them back to hug you in His arms. It’s understandable… but it still hurts.
    Miss you, Stephen… miss you really much!!

  31. missing you so much, my big brother…,
    *I remember when I was a kid I used to called you and the boyz as my big brother cause I have no brother, and I really wished that you were my big brothers that time, lol :) I was an 11 little girl that time..

    Well, I grew up with your voice, with boyzone lovable songs since then. never imagine you’re gone at my 26 year old now. Your voice still fills this world, steo. Your songs will be stay here for ever lasting..

    RIP dear, sleep tight… you know we love you, don’t you?.. always..

  32. cannot believe its nearly 2years since u wer taken from us..think of u and ur family and the boyz everyday. U r always remembered and loved.

    Extremely proud of the boyz and all their charity work,,will always support u in everyway.

    R.i.p our angel

    Never forgot superman

    • Steo almost 2years since you were taken to teach the angels to sing. Miss you like crazy – RIP sweetie. God bless the Boyz. Love and kisses always Ursxxxxxx

  33. Helena Sands says:

    Forever thinking of you Stephen.

    Was at the Boyzone concert in Wembley this year and god was it sad just seeing 4 shadows (instead of 5) appear on the stage!you were such a miss! but the boys done you so proud

    2 years tomorrow since your passing – you are in my thoughts and prayers

    Rest in Peace


  34. words cant explaine how mutch I miss you….

  35. The heavens are brighter now that you have returned back home your smile and love Is imprinted on our hearts and you will never be forgotten xxx a true angel that will always smile down on us all and our memories of you will always lift us up even from the darkest places you will always be loved and remebered rest in peace our smileing angel xxxxx

  36. sarah maxted says:

    Cant believe it been 2 years since we lost you ,i went to see the boyz in concert a couple of months ago it wasnt the same without you but the boyz did u proud and always will my thoughts are with the boyz andrew and all ur family 2day and always x

  37. i miss you, i miss your voice so much … you always in my heart

  38. Two years since a star was taken away from us

    Miss you Stephen

    Love to the Boyz on this sad day


  39. Roisin McLernon says:

    miss your beautiful face and unforgetable enchanting voice .
    To all the boys and stephen’s nearest and dearest…….. I am thinking of you all today and every day .
    You all have an Angel on your shoulders. XXXX

  40. I listen to your music daily. Cannot believe it has been two years. Forever in our hearts. Stephen is a beautiful Angel in Heaven.

  41. stephen i love you forever!
    stephen i love you with all my heart you do absence.


  43. In front of your smile…………I smile with you, forever
    Goodbye Stephen

  44. loved stephen so much and still do. miss him as if he was my closest friend. i will never forget stephen and the impact he had on my life with his beautiful one of a kind voice.

  45. hey steo,

    i have loved you and the rest of the boys more than ever than any other fans, you have the sweetest soft voice i’ve heard for over 20 years. You have been massively part of my life.

    Hannah Loveday
    Stanmore, Middlesex

  46. stephen smile was so sexy and so was he

  47. mae cheung says:

    love you so much stephen. i will never forget your big smile and bright eyes, your voice was so matched with ronan once you were performing. especially in year 1998/1999 your smile always in my mind, your songs, no matter what, ben, love me for a reason, gave it all away, everyday i love you, better, brgiht eyes…….i listen everynight before bed. thank you so much you brough me a lot of memories, you have been colouring my life. still wondering why you left us sooo soon. poor andrew, he is too young to lose his love, his best friend, and his plan with you suddenly couldn’t be existed. i do hope he can find another you for his life. you are so proud to have andrew and ronan. they have been doing so much for you. i could hardly for my life to have a friend like them. you are too young to have everything, and i think this is a very bad form to have too many glorious things for a young man like you. R.I.P. my sweetheart. you are always missed. thank you so much ronan and andrew, you are brilliant men i’ve never met.
    best wish to all of you and family

  48. Christopher C. Abad says:

    im a great fan of boyzone, even when im in a chat session i always listen to no matter what, my favorite song….im in Cebu City, Philippines. i cried when stephen gately died….


  50. Love you, forever and always <3

  51. boyzone is not complete without you steo
    we all miss you
    miss your melody among us
    Hoping you watching us from up there,
    you’re still and will always be in our heart
    it’s all about you
    miss you so

  52. nina morris says:

    i miss you steo i never forget when i saw him in london i when i when to boyzone concert and i was in the front row and steo shake my weak hand afrer i had skoke when i was baby i always remember that and he so kind was very upset when he died i was crying

  53. Kayleigh Conway says:

    Miss your beautiful eyes and lovely smile Steo.

    Thoughts of you and with the rest of the guys always and today on your birthday. Loved you from the start

    and on till the end.

    Kayleigh xxx

  54. happy birthday steve…..
    although it’s not possible to see you,,,
    but i believe that it’s not useless to say it again…..
    hope you can hear our regards
    Happy birthday steo
    you’ll be always happy in heaven

  55. miss you steve

  56. Miss your beautiful smile…. Never forgotten.

  57. susan freeman says:

    sadly missed but not forgot x

  58. forever

  59. Happy birthday angel

  60. Kayleigh Conway says:

    Happy Birthday Stephen. Thinking of you on your special day. Miss your smile. All my love xxx

  61. Stephen,
    Have you as my screen saver. Listen to your music with Boyzone daily. I wish Boyzone could tour the USA. So sad his voice cannot be used on your new album. Boyzone keep up the good work! I miss Stephen more every day. Rest in Peace beautiful Angel.

  62. 5 years gone, sleep tight – never forgotten.

    Urs x

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