Support Acts Confirmed

Parade have been confirmed as the support for two of the Boyz gigs this summer, they will be at the Lytham Proms on 7th August and also going on before Shane Ward at the Inverness gig on the 27th August.

Also Keith was licking his wounds after losing out for the Sexiest Male at the Soap Awards last week, still he better watch out next year as with Jay his son is going into Hollyoaks it may well be a Father and Son stand off!!

If you missed it then tune in again at:

to catch Shane and Keith on Celebrity Juice.



  1. Katrina Jenkins says:

    Please, plaese, plaese do not split up boys. I have been following you since the beginning and have loveled every single and album you have released. Come to Oxford and we will certainly give you a warm welcome.

  2. very miffed that keith didn’t win sexiest male .. but then again he doesn’t need an award to tell him he’s a handsome man! lol been worried since the louis business thinking that you guys are gonna break up .. u have been a part of my life since i was 14! but then i thought if you can come back and carry on after loosing our steo you can all carry on without louis! give up for no one! all 4 of you hold an important roll in the band and i would be truly upset if you gave up …

  3. Tracy mills says:

    just saw uz at hopetoun house and uz were magic xx

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