A Message from Shane

Hey everyone hope you’ve all had an amazing year.

I’ve spent a lot of 2012 in the UK as I’ve been working hard to get this project right!

Well I’m pleased to announce it’s finally finished and here for your listening pleasure.

The project is called Cruise Control and I’ve based it on my love of motor sport and my lifestyle away from the boys you all know and love. It’s giving just a little more of me as an individual, visually showing you what I get up to in my downtime and audibly creating what I listen to as a soundtrack to my life.

This album and the tracks from Cruise Control are an honest and real portrayal of my life outside boyzone. The Cars the stunts and the lyrical content your’e about to hear and see are all real to me. I did this the only way I know how.

Raindrops is the first single I hope you like it!!