Boyzone Tickets on Sale Valentine’s Day

Ronan & Shane announced while on stage at the O2 in London tonight that boyzone tickets for their 2oth anniversary tour will go on sale on 14th February.

The dates, for later this year, are yet to be confirmed for what will be Boyzone’s 20th Anniversary tour. More details to follow soon…

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  1. Lorna Shevlin says:

    Yippee!!!! Can’t wait to see my favourite Irish boyz back on stage!!!!

  2. Please come to Germany!!!!

  3. Beverley Gebbie says:

    Omg best news ever….that means us 3 girls will b doing as many dates as we can we the wonderful lovable Boyzone Cant wait…. GIRLZONE Bev Chriss & Jo r going on tour woop woop …roll on the dates xx

    • I agree with u Beverly im so excited 3 of us go touring as well and we are desperate to see the dates to decide where and when we are going. We went to the Northern Meeting Park and it was the most awesome night ever but Secc is our local so hopefuly they will do both of them again.

  4. Wow, so excited cant wait! Cant believe its twenty years! Its gonna be great!

  5. josh wills says:

    Wow so excited for this, what a great year 2013 is going to be! Fires live now bz20 tour wooo!

  6. Owen sayer says:

    Well.. Ronan, there I was with my £3.20 can of relentless, drinking it I was so it is, when I and the girlfriend noticed some confetti.. Imagine the excitement of us both when we thought that we were going to be showered with confetti during a rendition of when you say nothing at all!! The encore arrived and to our delight you sang when you say nothing at all like an angel.. But no confetti…. Never mind I thought, he’ll save it for life is a rollercoaster!! Along came life is a rollercoaster, but still no confetti kissed the head of my girlfriend or I.. Beside myself I was.. It was the end, three hours I sat there waiting for con-fecking-fetti to no avail.. What a tits I feel.. Now im moody and my girlfriend thinks it’s her.. Well done.

    Also, just want to say we both LOVED the show, great surprises along the way, the girlfriend and I were wondering how much you charge for singing at a wedding… We’ll be in Australia next year (were not following you) fancy a pint?

    Yours sincerely

    Laura and Owen

  7. Is there going to be a pre- sale? There are so few wheelchair spaces at venues compared to other tickets, and it’s devastating when I miss out as they’ve all sold on pre sale.

    • Nic lister says:

      Have u filled the form out on here? Just the name and email? That usually informs you of presale dates so you can sort your tickets then xxx good luck

  8. Ronan Keating Army says:

    This is so exciting this news!! Wasn’t expecting to hear this tonight at all!! cant wait for BZ20

  9. Was at 02 tonite, great concert and fab surprise Shane walking on for a duet with Ronan, Cant wait for the Boyzone concert 2013.

  10. susan freeman says:

    what a great show again had a fab time love u so much x x

  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo excited! I cannot believe it, I could cry I am so happy! THE BOYZ ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Delighted!!! Love dem!!!

  13. Well what a fantastic night can’t wait to see my boys together again that will be such a fantastic night so pleased your back agin

  14. Alison Fowler says:

    Thanku for an awesome time last night at the O2 , my sister and I had a blast with you all :-)
    Oh ever so Proud of you two lads last night :) thanku for the fab news a BZ20 tour … Woohooo
    It’s going to be Awesome :-) defo a happy valentines Day for BZ20 fans :-) love ya all , Alison & Racheal Xx

  15. Wow fantastic news….Boyzone 20 tour.I will be there….Can not wait.Thank you Boyzone….2013 will be amazing.Are you coming to Birmingham LG Arena????Hope so…..Bring on Feb 14th….What a nice Valentines us Boyzone fans will have….Ronan your Fires tour is fantastic….saw you in Bristol first night of tour.Just brilliant…Thank you.xxxxMuch love to all you Boyz.

  16. Andrea gee says:

    You was amazing as normal last night and Shane looked loverly too !!!! THE BOYZ R BACK best news ever .going to get as many tickets as possible and I’m coming on tour with you !!!!! Lol if only can’t wait for dates one so I can book my holiday at work you’ve made one 42 year ole a very happy lady cu soon xxx

  17. Looking forward to seeing you Mr Keating at the BIC tonight!! Been there the whole 20yrs following you boyz. Cant wait ……… So happy ……….. Hope one day I will meet you and not hide behind a tree like i did when i travelled all the way to Dublin for a meet and greet!!! X x x

  18. maria turner says:

    Saw ronan in cardiff and now tonight,so gutted that i missed shane again.enever mind roll on the bz tour,it’s been a long 2 years.cann’t wait.x

  19. nicki foster says:

    amazing evening last night at the o2 shame it had to come to an end love you Ronan so excited for the boyzone tour whooo xxxx

  20. helen prowse says:

    what a lovely tweet to wake up to this morning :)

  21. Nic lister says:

    Please dont do sheffield in july. My babys due 20th and i will be gutted if i cant go!!!

    Mark???? Ok???

    • AMANDA WOODROW says:

      I dont think it will be that early in the year i thought maybe oct november as they started in the november i thought they might have done their last one at 02 dublin on the date they started but people are saying they think it may be december x

  22. Yeppie cant wait to see boyzone back on stage again. Yeppie. Me go with mam, and tani,n gemma mcdolda my deaf friends. X xxxxxxx thanx u 4 tell me. Cant wait buy
    tickets now heee

    Love you loads guys. Hope u do another one in 2014 xx

  23. Happy that boyzone back toghter again xxx

  24. Wendy Dicker says:

    OMG i hope that they will come to Cardiff again, I loved the concert i saw last time, the guys are amazing

  25. I am ubber excited I CANNOT wait!!

  26. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Brilliant show as always last night! So glad that it has been announced in advance this time when the tickets are due to go on sale. Just praying it’s not mid – late September as I will be on my honeymoon! Hope you are going to pay Wembley a visit, I am hoping to have another chat with Keith Duffy like last time when he pulled up alongside my pink car after the show! ;-) xx

    • marie walker says:

      I’m takin my kids to florida for 2 weeks at the start of october. i shud not be panicin over this….oh and were away valentines day too!!

  27. @BZDeutschland says:

    What amazing news!!!!
    We would love to see you in Germany again.

  28. awwww…brilliant news…can´t wait!!! Hope the boyz come to germany too! So happy that boyzone back together again ♥ ♥ ♥

    OMG…so excited!!!

    *so happy…smile and dance*

  29. OMG – had a brilliant time last night. Took my little girl with me, who had a great time as well.

    We was only 10 rows from the front, so had an excellent view :-)

    Soooo excited about Boyzone going on tour again, seen them quite a few times and they have always put on such a fab show – so I will def be getting tickets!!!

    Can’t wait xxxxx

  30. Eleanor Spiby says:

    Please come to Sheffield!!!! Xxx

  31. Omg!!! Cant wait for tour. Going to see Ronan in Newcastle next Tuesday, exciting times xx

  32. So excited to hear there will be a boyzone tour i cannot wait to see you all again on stage together,also looking forward to seeing Ronan on the Fires tour in Manchester next weekend so excited :) xxxxx

  33. Wow wow wow what a truly amazing experiance. My first ever concert at the o2 and i was truly amazed. Cant wait for the boyzone tour. I will definately be there, cant wait. I have been on a high
    since last night, im buzzing. Thank you so much. xx

  34. AMANDA WOODROW says:

    im sooo looking forward to ticket stress again !! not lol 2 weeks notice is a little bit short but hey worth it xx

  35. when u back newmarket wether bad here so not bin able 2 c u ..hope 2 14th u ..ladz …ur the best say hi shane us at …kl ..all the best 2 u all ..dudes…

  36. really really excited been to every tour so farI hope if theres a presale we get plenty of notce to arrange time off work lol has anybody else tried to fill the form out on email I have filled it out but it doesnt seem to change when I press send and I have not received confirmation either has anybody else noticed this ?

  37. I can not wait for the anniversary tour i saw you and Shane on stage at Nottingham and could not stop screaming i have been a fan from the very beginning when i was just 14 i have grown up with you being my boyz and just hope i can get tickets on the 14th :) lots of love

  38. Mandy and Judith says:

    We were at the O2 last night and we were both so excited to see Shane, even more excited to here you are touring, we will be there whatever the cost! You boys are the best. xxx

  39. Absolutley ecstatic to see this :) My sister has been in love with Boyzone since i was born. I’m praying that you boys make it out to Australia on this tour, would love to buy her tickets :D

  40. Claire Pritchard says:

    Amazing I can’t not wait for this tour, I have been coming on the web page everyday to look for the tour details. I just can’t believe it’s been 20 years I was 9 when you guys first got together, I was lucky enough to meet Shane when he was car racing in Wales, good luck with the tour xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. Ratih Widya says:

    INDONESIA, pleaseeeee………

  42. FIona Woods says:

    This has made my monday sooo much better. Im so excited!!!!

  43. Hi well i just CAN not wait boyzone was my very first love just CAN not wait. Please u have to do dublin please love u all so much i be coming with my Mam and kids bobbie 4 with autism and erin is 2 love u ronan shane keith and mikey Xxxx

  44. Rebecca Duguid says:

    I am BEYOND excited for this, cannot wait!!!! See you in Newcastle lads xx

  45. So great news,the Boyz touring again :) .My best wishes to the Ronan solo tour and the Boyzone tour this year,and sending all my support from the distance,cos as usual,I haven’t too much hopes I can go to any concerts :( . But anyway,as I said Ronan solo and the Boyz together have all my love and support always. (and keeping the hope I can meet you all someday,althought I know probably not)

    Loads of love and hugs to Ronan,Shane,Keith and Mikey,and of course,Steo (alkways in mind),xxxx

  46. Lorna Bressington says:

    Great news after just seeing Ronan in concert in Bristol, I am so hoping I get the chance to go esp as its 20 years tour as loved the boyz back in the day

    loadsa love to all Boyzone fans around the globe

  47. Saw Ronan in Cardiff was fab, can’t wait to see Boyz in Cardiff hopefully…xxx

  48. marie walker says:

    The band will play ten dates across the UK and Ireland this summer.

    thats from digital spy. how unfair s it to say that but not announce dates?!

  49. kimhession says:

    Saw Mr. Keating in Bournemouth last night. Have to say looking GOOD. Brian Mcfadden nice bloke to

  50. Pat Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Boyz

    Great news and I’m available this year again if you require a massage before any of your concerts in the North West of England. Let Shelina know – have bed will travel – and hope your leg ok Shane.

    love and hugs xxx

  51. We specially came from Paris to see Ronan on stage. So wonderful. Waiting for the date of Boyzone on stage. Only one regret, my uncle despite the fact that he is old and sick, wanted to be present because he loves a lot Ronan keating, could not see the concert as he would had like because everyone was standing in front of him and he could not seethe stage and even the screen

  52. rebecca costantini says:

    cant wait to hear more. i’ve been waiting long and patient for this to be posted, we will defiantly be there

  53. woooppppeeeee cant wait for tour me excited

  54. Thank you

  55. wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo that is all!!!!!!! xxxxx

  56. OMG !!!!!! I was in the O2 in London when ya announced the tour. I can’t wait !!!!!
    Please come to GERMANY as well !

  57. kimhession says:

    Lads please think about playing the bic at Bournemouth you know its o.k. there.wembly is a right trek for us southerners.Especialy when you got work the next day .Good Luck

  58. Kayleigh Conway says:

    Awesome!!!! The best word to describe my feeling when I heard of the announcement. What a wonderful pick me up after returning home from a hen weekend in Kent that left me a bit worse for wear to say the least… then wholah! The Boyz are back! “I’ll be there ” ()=) Best Valentines day ever! Thanks guys !!!

  59. Can we please have the dates. or even the months? We need to get planning! The stress is unreal and the tickets are not even on sale yet!!

  60. can we please have some idea of the dates soon please need to start planning and sorting holidays out in work so im off for the tour.

  61. Hooray so excited…..You Boyz are brilliant live seen you on all the last 5 live tours…Can not wait to hear more news re the Live BZ20 tour….Really hope you can come to Birmingham LG Arena as seen you there many times and the Acoustics are electric…..Wow well done Boyz you have made your fans very happy with this exciting news…I will be there supporting you and can not wait until Feb 14th 2013….Will us fans be allowed a presale re this website??????….really hope so…xxxMuch love to you Boyz…….It will be amazing to see you Live again…..
    Ronans Fires tour was brilliant too.I was there first day of tour in Bristol,Colston Hall…just stunning.Enjoyed every minute of show and the Concert live cd is just absolutely amazing….Good Luck with the rest of the Tour Ronan and enjoy every second.See you very soon Boyz…….Bring it on.The concert live idea would be great too for the BZ20 Tour…it is a great momento of the live shows.

  62. OMG!! This is the news I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Am excited already & don’t know where & when I’m going to see the Boyz. Seeing Ronan in Liverpool on Friday. 2013 looks set to be a good year!!! Thanks lads xxxx

  63. Gutted, I’m in the military and in May I go away for 6 months I’m probably gonna miss this tour. I have never missed a bz or Ronan concert before

  64. Nic lister says:

    Its less than a week till tickets go onsale yet we dont even have dates yet. Whats going on? X

  65. Please please please tell me that there will be a presale for fans i really dont want to miss my boyz ive not missed a tour yet and dont intend to miss one i just wont have access to web on the 14th so presale has to happen please oh please

  66. Hera Zanderink says:

    heey guys!
    congratulations !

    Please come to Holland…..

    Would be great.

    Lots of love, Hera

  67. Everyone go to Ticketmaster, info is there… :-)

  68. Why is the Belfast date not up on Ticketmaster yet? No details of pre sale either and no meet and greet packages for Ireland! :(

  69. amanda hill says:

    congratulations boyz 20 years am feeling old at 43 ,all your music has special meanings of my late husband Graham ,thanks for the memorys xx

  70. Will try again, I am looking to get tickets for LG Arena, I have to wear hearing aids so need seats in designated area, can anyone tell me how I do this. Only part of the Arena is covered by the infra red loop system. Can anyone help????

  71. -( really upset about boyzone tickets meet n greet package, venues and info only been released today, on sale tomorrow. how is someone supposed to find £350 in a day?? i just dont have the money and they likely wont tour again after this one. could actually cry. i didnt see them in concert til 2011 as my mum wouldnt take me when i was younger. meeting the whole band would mean the wolrd to me but its never gonna happen. their music has got me thru thick n thin, have loved them from the very beginning. will there be any chances to win tickets?

  72. Hey pleassssseeee can anybody tell me how to get presage code for Wembley arena

  73. Sorry Meant presale Lol

  74. Where has my post gone from yesterday? All the posts mentioning no sheffield dates seem to have disappeared?!? Can we all hope that mrans a sheffield date may poss be added???????

  75. Nic lister says:

    Im sooooo excited, discussing tshirts n banners already.i dont care that im 27 :-)

  76. So excited have tickets for Cardiff on 2nd December 2013….in the pre-sale……..Boyzone thank you so much….My best friend and I will have a brilliant time…Your shows are always amazing ..Thank you for 20 years of beautiful songs and such happy live concert memories….BZ20 will make us fans so happy :)

  77. kimhession says:

    Lads thanks for playing Bmth bic realy helps us out down here. I was 4th in the queue yesterday still could’nt get near the front suppose that was the pre sale but when we looked at that it said for the balcony.Either that or i don’t know the right people.see you on the 4th Dec.Good Luck!

  78. hi is boyzone going to be at newmarket this year ?

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