Boyzone_2013Life was very different in 1993. We bought our music on CD’s and vinyl, mobile phones looked like bricks, there were only four channels on the telly and no-one had the ‘X Factor’ or a ‘Big Brother’. Meatloaf would do ‘Anything For You’, Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan were ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, David Beckham was in his first season at Man U and Facebook, YouTube, iTunes & Twitter were just pipe dreams.

But in November 1993 a bunch of young lads from the North side of Dublin would infamously appear on ‘The Late Late Show’ and the rest, as they say… is history.

Twenty one singles, seven albums, twenty five million record sales, hundreds of gigs, millions of memories and twenty years later, boyzone are still going strong.

2013 will see Ronan, Keith, Shane & Mikey take to the road once more to thank their fans for the incredible support and dedication they have shown over the past twenty years.

Join them as they celebrate BZ20 – The Anniversary Tour

28 November            DUBLIN The O2
29 November            BELFAST Odyssey Arena
2 December              CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
4 December              BOURNEMOUTH Int. Centre
6 December              BIRMINGAM LG Arena
8 December              LIVERPOOL Echo Arena
9 December              LEEDS Arena
10 December            NOTTINGHAM Capital FM Arena
12 December            ABERDEEN AECC
14 December            NEWCASTLE Metro Radio Arena
15 December            GLASGOW The Hydro
17 December            BRIGHTON Centre
20 December            LONDON The O2
21 December            LONDON Wembley Arena
22 December            MANCHESTER Arena

PRESALE:                            Tuesday 12 February – 9 am

GENERAL ON SALE:    Thursday 14 February

More details will follow – presale tickets – click here – available 9am Tuesday 12 February

Meet & Greet Hot Ticket Packages – Click Here


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  1. nicki foster says:

    whoo need to get ticket’s for the o2 so excited xx

  2. Amanda Baker says:


  3. Ashleigh swan says:

    Sooooooo excited!! Easily the biggest event of 2013!!!!!

  4. Where is the presale from – is there a link?
    How much are the tickets?
    This is the best news ever!! Brighton,O2,Wembley and possibly a cheeky Liverpool for me!

  5. aaww!!! I am so happy and so proud of them!!! 20 yearsss? WOW!!! for sure Steo is so happy right now! I’m a fan since I was 12 and i’m 28 now but I still didn’t get any chance to see them in person. That’s been one of my biggest dreams! I just hope it will happen very soon, I’m not losing hope! Good luck guys and have fun!! BOYZONE FOREVER!!!

  6. Very excited :)))) Belfast tickets will be got.

  7. Where’s shef arena? OMG x

  8. oooh im so excited!!!! espesh since the Hydro is a new venue, fingers crossed for decent seats tomorrow in the presale!! BZ20 Boyzone 4ever! xx

  9. Wooooo at last. There are at least six or seven venues I want to do so fingers crossed for good tickets. Good luck everyone xxx

  10. OMG how excited am iiii Lg arena here i come!!!

  11. AMANDA WOODROW says:

    cant believe there is no sheffield !!! looks like travelling to leeds or notts xx

  12. lynn willett says:

    Will have to try and get tickets for nottingham cant wait xxx

  13. Had to miss ronan in brighton coz of the snow :-( will not be missing this one!

  14. Holly McAfee says:

    How do we get presale tickets?

  15. How do we buy presale, what site do we go thru?

  16. I will be trying Cardiff or Birmingham…Can not wait…Hope everyone gets the BZ20 tickets they want…Good luck for the presale…xx

  17. Lynda Knott says:

    How do I get Pre-sale tickets for Bournemouth??

  18. jackie. London says:

    so excited… I ave followed u from day one … I rook my daughter to the concerts baxk then n now we go together n she now 22 n we love u boys xxx see ronan couple weeks ago n shane can wait to see mikey n Keith too.. boyzone we love u. please dont make this ur last…

  19. Please add Sheffield : `(

  20. Omg! London O2 date is my 10yr wedding anniversary – how perfect!

    All I need to know now is how to get pre-sale tickets!

    • go onto ticketmaster 9am tom but at the moment only meet and greet listed. Assume they will list ordinary tickets later today. Hopefully anyway because that is where my friend and I want to go but can’t afford meet and greet unfortunately.

      • Thank you! I can’t get details on how much meet and greet tickets are, but fear I won’t be able to afford it either! Luckily I have a hubby who is more than happy for us to spend our anniversary at a Boyzone concert! He joined me at Ronan 2 weeks ago and thought it was fab!

        • Glad you enjoyed Ronan. My friend, her mum and I went as well to the o2. is that where you were?
          Got the cd of the concert last week. It’s great.

  21. cant believe you havent included sheffield!!!! you have been there since 1996!! going to be a lot of unhappy fans that place holds memories! instead u chose leeds – a city centre venue with out its own car park :(. x
    Good Job i love u xx

    • I ain’t belive this bn to every concert they have done at the Sheffield arena and sometimes more than one night, can’t belive we have lost out to Leeds :( take it this is going to happen on a regular basis :(

  22. barabara cress says:

    How do i get presale tickets ?

  23. How do we get presale tickets? what ticket company will it be?

  24. So how do we use Presale as no specific link provided???

  25. Followed Boyzone since I was a little girl, they are coming to my home town the date of my wedding day!! X

  26. Omg soooooo excited saw ronan in January in Brighton, even though I live in london. I’m 25 and have loved them from day one seen them soooo many time as 5 as 4 and ronan on his own – me and my. Mum are so excited love them all x

  27. Holland ??????????????????

  28. why have ticketmaster only got meet and greet listed at the moment for the o2?

  29. They only have meet and greet up for Glasgow too and no presale info for Aberdeen!!

  30. Us Sheffield girl’s will be heartbroken on Valentine’s Day, was so looking forward to the tour x

  31. O2 priority are doing presale for the london gigs. The Hydro has an option to register for pre sale in glasgow so other event venue websites may have that option. Hope that helps x

  32. Why aren’t they going to Sheffield. Surely they can do Sheffield as well as Leeds??? x

  33. Hayley Purkins says:

    i will definietely be there!!!!! although with being a supporter of boyzone for the last 20 years and attending every tour, the first with my dad who sadly passed away 18 weeks ago of cancer ages 54, i would LOVE to finally meet the boys (men) but with now having 4 children myself i can’t afford the £348!!!! they are asking for the meet and greet package : ( .
    Roll on the 10th December !!!!!! Nottingham here i come

  34. I cant wait, is there going to be a link for the presale tickets.
    I have to complete a lifes dream as my mum could never afford for me to go and my independance came to late to see them??
    Ive just saw Ronan last week and he was FAB!! and that was with the flu.
    I MUST GO :D

  35. Cannot believe you have chosen Leeds over Sheffield!

    Shame on you Boyzone!! :(

  36. Jess Fisher says:

    You have always gone to Sheffield, and now you decide to go to a city centre arena where parking is going to me a nightmare and miles away from anywhere!

    I just hope you add an extra date!

  37. i hope it will follow by world tour. indonesia are waiting

  38. Can’t believe there’s no Sheffield! RIDICLOUS. Lets hope they add Sheffield at a later date!!!!!

  39. Why is there no Sheffield dates??? :(

  40. Terry Davies says:

    How do i know if i qualify for presale tickets, for all other tours have been emailed a link on the day, is that happening this time

  41. Charlie Carr says:

    I’ve always travelled from leeds to wherever I have had to so that I could see the Boyz, been all over. So glad you are coming to Leeds but would have travelled anywhere again. Might even do Manchester too! Love the Boyz

  42. No sheffield. I am G U T T E D. I have been a loyal fan since the very start. YES defo lots of v v v v unhappy fans in sheffield right now!?!?!?!

  43. Heartbroken that Boyzone aren’t coming to Sheffield. So disappointed :-(


  45. Great to hear the Boyz are coming to Leeds, I’ve always traveled to Sheffield, so it’ll be nice to have them here :)

  46. Sarah Reaper says:


    I have had an email regarding pre sale tickets, how do I go about booking them tomorrow?
    Will I be sent a link?
    Please confirm ASAP
    Thanks xx

  47. Gutted gutted gutted X

  48. Rumours are that sheffield is being refurbished that’s why no sheff dates x

  49. Helen Croft says:

    OMG can’t wait :D so excited!!

    When do we get the info for the pre-sale???

  50. pamela duncan says:

    Aberdeen!!!!! Yes looking forward to December. Hope I get the pre sale link as have taken the day off work to get my ticket.

  51. Tracey Taylor says:

    Why on earth is there no tour in Sheffield … So disappointing that’s me not being able to go

  52. anyone know if there will be standard tickets for glasgow or newcastle? bit gutted its only meet and greet packages :(

  53. Glasgow hydro for me & the girls!! What do I need to do to get a front seat….always get pre-sale, always on the fone sharp & Nvr get near the front :(

  54. Can anyone help, I need seats in designated area where hearing loops are installed, if I buy from general sale I may not get the right area. LG Arena only have certain areas compatible with hearing aids, please please help.

  55. Wondering why O2 don’t have standard tickets listed for presale…. I don’t have £377 for a meet and greet ticket!

  56. What nothing for the rest of world?? No New Zealand!! … Would have even taken a trip to Australia had you gone that far at least. :(

  57. So excited!! Received an email about presale tickets did anyone else? Only 4 Venus listed on the ticket factory site tho and not Brighton? Anyone else know pass codes for ticketmaster?

  58. Nic lister says:

    On twitter someone said on this website tomorrow there will be a link to follow, everyone who is asking. Think keith had it on.
    Im off to leeds seen as no sheffield on, altho im half way between both in wakefield so it doesnt make much difference to me x good luck everyone xxx

  59. The nearest venue to me is 90 mins away and I always go see them even though they don’t play in my city. I don’t get why people are making such a fuss!

    • Totally agree, I am flying to the UK from Ireland for the gigs, always have done! Dublin is three hours from where I live, and Belfast is five, it’s not a big deal, I’d walk to the end of the world to see these boyz!!!!

  60. how come you dessert Sheffield & go to Leeds? arent we good enough anymore!!!!!!!

  61. GUTTED no Sheffield date after 20 years of supporting you the minute Leeds opens you go there after having sell out shows in Sheffield !!! Why not come to Sheffiled Arena it’s supported you through the tours so much for you saying its a special venue on the last tour. Ronan remembered Sheffield on his tour. Think you should ADD A DATE as you can see from here there’s stacks of support for Sheffiled. Plus Leeds is standing only on the floor no chance of getting close SO DISSAPOINTED :-(

  62. Please, please, please add Sheffield. ;-(

  63. Does anyone have any idea how you get pre sale in Manchester??
    Been a major fan since the start and never missed a gig !
    Ro in Manchester last weekend was awesome even though poorly xx love ya boyz xx

  64. @BZDeutschland says:

    We are a little bit sad, that there aren´t german dates.
    But glad for Irekand and the UK.

  65. Hera Zanderink says:

    what about Holland ?
    Please think about it, you’ve got a lot of dutch fans!

  66. Am I right in thinking that the presale tickets only actually includes the meet an greet (£377) or hot tickets (£132) and standard tickets (37.50) go on sale on Thursday?

  67. Up and waiting! Who else is going to Brighton? Xx

  68. How do you get presale tickets for Belfast

  69. Rebecca Duguid says:

    Why are there no tickets available for Newcastle????? desperate to get some x

  70. hello, can anyone please tell me how to get meet and greet tickets for birmingham.

  71. Very poor offering of seats for Belfast, best I could get was row 11. Plus the link changed to “not available” so I almost didnt recheck. Will wait to Thurs instead, disappointed.

  72. im so excited 6th December here i come!! Love you boyz xxx

  73. Yeay, just got 2 tickets for Manchester 22nd Dec to help the Boyz celebrate 20 years.
    Hayley Wilson/Keating and myself will be there!!!!

  74. When will you come over and tour Australia. I go each year to see Ronan when he tours Sydney and told my friends how cool Boyzone is and want them to see the magic in person.

  75. Danielle Hill says:

    Are you guys coming to Australia as well?! :-(

  76. Nic lister says:

    Arghhhhhhhhhhhh 13 rows back for leeds. Wooohooooo xxxx

  77. Seriously, WHY are the presale tickets all crap ones??? I phoned both Glasgow and Aberdeen and was told that they were not allowed to release tickets for the front few rows until Thursday. Can someone explain why please?? The people who have presale links are mostly real true fans, so should we not get the benefit of the best tickets???? Instead, somebody who maybe thinks they are ok and wants to see them once could end up in Row A whilst I am in Row R??? Really not fair of the venues at all!

  78. Just to clear things up about Sheffield Arena… the reason it’s not included is because the venue was not available when the tour was being planned.

    The boyz love to play at the arena and the Sheffield fans, but it was unavoidable. Hope you can make it to one of the other gigs.

  79. Managed to get tickets for Wembley on 21st December! Have to say congrats to those who managed to get tickets in the A blocks. I wouldn’t be complaining at row 11! In all my years of going to these shows I have never managed it and this time was no exception! I also don’t understand the point in announcing tickets going on sale on 14th and then having a pre sale on 12th – difficult to decide whether to go with the masses or risk waiting until 14th! Still, very excited to be in the crowd and be part of the experience. Better luck next time as they say!

  80. Hooray got 2 tickets for Cardiff 2nd December…..Me and my best friend can not wait..Been to all your last 5 tours.This will be magical……BZ 20 will be brilliant….Thank you so much for the fan pre-sale.

  81. Hera Zanderink says:

    Thera are more country’s!!
    What about Holland?
    Please, think about it…….x

  82. A2 Row F at the o2
    Row E at Brighton
    A3 Row H at Wembley


    None booked through See Tickets so heres hoping that none of them get cocked up like the Ronan Brighton tickets did!!

    Wheres everyone else going?

    • Aberdeen and Glasgow for me. Very poor selection of tickets right from 9am Tuesday to today. Yet the tout sites all have front row tickets for sale at overly inflated prices!! Ridiculous that this is allowed. No way did those touts get on the sites and get them, they were given them for sure!

      • I know it’s disgusting. I bought all of my tickets as hot tickets so has cost me a fortune. I didnt want to risk waiting until they start to release M&G / hot ticket seats til later incase I couldn’t get any at all.
        I don’t think it’s fair on genuine fans though.

  83. A big Happy Birthday to Ronan…Enjoy the rest of your Fires live tour…Can not wait to see u join Mikey,Keith and Shane for the BZ 20 tour….Cardiff will be fantastic..Tickets,hotel booked..So excited.

  84. Happy St Patricks Day Ronan,Keith,Mikey and Shane…. Hope you have a great day and enjoy a pint or two of Guinness.Counting down the days until BZ20 in Cardiff.Thinking of Steo too today on his birthday.xx

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