Gave it All Away

The Single Released 1st March went top ten in the UK and No1 in Ireland

1st March 2010 saw Boyzone release their brand new single Gave It All Away; touching, troubled and reflective, this song saw the boyz coming together to pay very special tribute to their friend, companion, wingman and brother; Steo.

10th October 2009 saw the world facing the very sad loss of Stephen who shared the success of four number one albums, a record-breaking 16 consecutive top five singles and numerous sell-out tours, the last of which was in June 2009. This tour saw all five boyz having the time of their lives, leaving them high on life and all hugely excited about getting back into the studio to start work on their new album.

Gave It All Away, written by Mika, is a track that the whole band, particularly Stephen, were very excited about, resulting in them heading straight to the studio in the summer of 2009, fresh off of the tour, to start laying down the vocals.

Fast forward to December 2009 to a very different scene – one which sees Keith, Mikey, Ronan and Shane still grieving and making some very tough decisions about what the future holds for them as a band, not least whether this album should ever see the light of day.

The boyz agreed that the best thing that they could do to pay tribute to Steo was to pick themselves up and get the show back on the road. So they headed back to the studio and finished the album, knowing in their hearts that it was the right thing to do.

They treasured the vocals that Stephen had recorded, making the experience in the studio a hard and troubling time, but one which only served to bring the group even closer together. They then decided to take themselves off to make the video that the four of them wanted. Ronan says

We really wanted to shoot our own video for this with an old friend of ours Phil Griffin. It’s more of a mini-documentary in style with lots of fly-on-the-wall. We filmed performance shots with lip sync as well as behind the scenes as we wanted the footage to be as truthful and honest as possible based on how we were feeling and were reacting during the making of the video on that day. It really reflects the whole day as it was.

As Stephen’s haunting vocals open the song, the video sees the boyz at their most vulnerable; individually pondering on memories of Stephen as they begin their journey as a four-piece.

Ronan says of the filming,

We found it really hard to make this video and the footage is incredibly raw and tough to watch at times. But we didn’t want it being too mournful all the way through. There’s a nice scene of us four brothers sat around a table at the end with Stephen’s favourite picture hanging up behind us. It’s us reminiscing about the good times and the laughter we had with our other brother and again Phil just filmed us fly-on-the-wall for that so it’s just us as we are.

Shane adds,

As you will see from the video, it was a very hard shoot for us boys to do but also enjoyable in a way as we all felt Steo around us that day. For me the single feels like the end of an old chapter but also the beginning of a new one for us all and we all know we are continuing on for the right reason.

As they step forward after what was a heart-breaking and life-changing year for them, 2010 sees boyzone at a new beginning; a new chapter in their ongoing journey and a celebration of all that was, and more importantly now, what is to come.

Gave It All Away was released on Polydor on 1st March 2010, followed by the album Brother on 8th March.

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